Sneak Peak on Soundcloud

If you want a sneak peak at some early releases or just stuff im feeling out, check out my soundcloud page where I tend to post things that may or may not be released to the public.

D-Frag on Soundcloud

Venice Bike Ride

Take a stroll along the beaches of Venice, CA in this super chilled out hip hop tune. Some call it chillhop, others call it lofi, it's kind of a mix between with some good ambiance. 

Backwards In Time

With some ambient lead horns, ethereal pads and rhythmic beat, this track has a real chillout feel to it. Perfect for relaxing by the pool on a hot summer day or on a long road trip with your friends.

Lounging on a Star

One of the first all original tracks I made from scratch when I first starting learning Ableton back in 2019. This chilled out, ambient track starts off gentle and builds up with a booming sub bass and some funky 808's. Available on iTunes, Spotify and loads of other channels.

Mystic Moods

As I progressed further as a producer I found this really cool style I couldn't really put a label on. It's a mix between soul, jazz, funk, lofi and hip hop. Mystic Moods was one of the first tracks to be produced this way. Made by sampling old 1960's-70's grooves, converting them to midi, then adding my own sound, this track is chill yet mysterious. It's been said to sound like Tarantino meets Aphex Twin.